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SNA Exhibition 2024.

The Southern Nature Art Exhibition will be held at the beautiful Rookesbury Park School, Wickham - a grand stately building with an old charm and stunning ornate archietcture that compliments the nature themes of the artworks. It falls on the August Bank Holiday weekend, opening to the public on the 23rd - 26th August 2024. 

Artwork Entry Requirements

Artwork subject matter

The artwork(s) entered have to be in some way connected to nature (e.g. wildlife, landscapes, abstracts inspired by nature, etc.) We do NOT accept pet portraits or human-related work with the exception of nature in man-made scenarios/spaces.


The artwork(s) entered can be any media: paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, original lino prints, etchings, and other mediums. Paintings/drawings or any 2D pieces are required to be framed and hung correctly via D rings and cord. AI is NOT allowed.


Any 2D artworks entered (paintings/drawings/pieces that will hang) can go up to a maximum size of 1m x 1m. Any 3D artworks entered can be a maximum weight of 20kg. Please get in touch if your pieces are outside of this limit, and we will consider on a case by case basis whether it is suitable for the exhibition.


Please consider the transportation of your artwork(s) to the exhibition. All artists are responsible for getting their own pieces to and from the exhibition. There will be specified drop off/collection dates.


All artworks entered must be on sale for a minimum of £100 (with the exception of photographs and miniatures); this is for quality control. Make sure all artworks are priced at their appropriate value. This can be achieved by working out material costs, hourly rate, framing, etc. We take a 30% commission on artworks that are sold so please take that into consideration of the final price of your work. 

Timeline of event

August 2024

20th - 21st

Artwork hand-in.

Tuesday 20th: 1pm-6pm

Wednesday 21st: 10am-2pm at Rookesbury Park.


Thursday: Private View and awards evening - invitees only.  6pm - 9pm.

7:30pm - Opening and Awards Ceremony

23rd - 26th

Friday - Monday: Exhibition open to the public. 10am - 5pm.


Monday: 5:30pm - Buyers to collect purchased artworks.

6pm - Artists to collect their work.

Important information for artists

Hanging system

We will be hanging directly onto the walls of the beautiful Rookesbury Park - we require all artworks that will be hung to have D-Rings and picture hanging cord on the back of the work. This prevents any damage to the walls and to other artworks if stacked or rested against one-another.  If you turn up without having done this, a £5 charge will be required for a member to attach D-Rings for you. 


Any piece of work submitted must have a label attached to the back of the work with your name, name of the work, and price. When handing in, we will have an exhibition display label attached to the work however if this were to be lost it is important that we can still identify your work.  

Packaging your work

If you come with your work packaged up for the transportation, you will have to take it away with you, and bring it back upon collection. In Rookesbury there is little storage for us to keep it for the duration of the exhibition. 

Handing in/out system

Members of the committee will be running the hand in/out sessions. Each artist will have a sheet with their artwork details on, their artwork exhibition labels, and details of any purchases if their artwork sells - the artworks will be signed in and out of the exhibition. When you arrive to drop off and collect, there will be tables to unwrap/wrap any artworks. 

Here is a downloadable PDF with more in depth information about artwork requirements and artwork hand in/collection.

Enter your work here

Southern Nature Art Exhibition 2024

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