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Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and retain for reference. 

NB *No dogs other than assistance dogs may be brought into the exhibition premises.

Queries –

Any questions regarding the exhibition should be directed to Jamie Sinclair on 07739012434 anytime or by email to 

Summary of T&C's:

Please read carefully the full terms and conditions of the exhibition. 

    ● The minimum sale price is £100.00 

    ● Factor in the exhibitions 30% sales commission in the price of your art.

    ● There is no admin fee as this has been incorporated into the registration cost. 

    ● Artist Studio Pitch (Previously known as the Art Market) – £50 per day,  priority will be given to bookings for four days 

    ● All exhibits are subject to the organiser’s discretion. 

Queries – 

Any questions regarding the exhibition should be directed by email to

Artwork - £15.00 per work 

Artist Studio - £50 per day (minimum 2 days). 

Priority will be given to bookings for four days (places are limited to 30 pitches but if booked up  please contact to register interest and we will contact you in case of cancellation.)  

Studio opening times: 

● Private view evening 6:00pm – 9:00pm 

● Public show on Friday to Monday 10.00am – 5.00pm 

Full T&C's:

Eligibility and number of submissions 

The exhibition is open to all artists and should be themed on the subject of  nature. You do not have to be from the South or even the UK to enter but you do  need to be here to drop off and collect your art work. The artist must have the 

right to reproduce the work of the image used. Photocopies, commercially  produced prints, etchings and laser copies of work are not acceptable. Domestic  animals or pet subjects are not eligible. All exhibits must be For Sale, the artists  may enter at up to FOUR exhibits, further exhibits at the discretion of the  organisers. The exhibits must be owned by the artist and cannot be entered by a  third party or agent. We will NOT accept any artwork that has AI generated imagery. 

Purpose made box canvases are acceptable unframed, but ordinary canvases  without frames are not. Box canvases must be at least 35mm depth and should  not have staples or tacks down the sides, with the painting continued on the  sides. 

If you have any doubts about your entry or intend to submit non-traditional media,  please check with the organisers first. All exhibits are subject to the organisers’  discretion. Any artwork rejected before the exhibition or on the day will get a refund. 

Sales and Copyright 

Commission of 30%, (0% in the Artist Studio/Art Market) will be deducted from  the sale price of all original work and should be included and allowed for in the  sale price. Works entered but not handed in will not have the fees refunded. 

Rookesbury Park, nor the Organisers, will be held responsible for any work  exhibited by members that infringes copyright law – the artist is held responsible  for the originality of their own work. 

Framing and preparation of work 

All pictures must be suitably framed with a cord ready for hanging (wire is not  acceptable). Cord should not be visible above the top of the picture or be too  tight and should be attached to ‘D’ rings. Clip frames or frames with unprotected  glass edges are not acceptable, nor are mirror plates for hanging. Each painting  must be clearly labeled on the back, (sculptures on the base, but not tied on),  with the artist’s name, contact details, the work’s title and price. Work that is not  properly secure or without hangers and/or cord, or in any way infringes the  above will not be displayed. All exhibits should be clean and ready to exhibit. 

Size and Pricing

There is a maximum height and width restriction of 100cm. Pricing must include  VAT (if the artist is VAT registered). Sale prices should be to the nearest pound  with a minimum price of £100. Pictures larger than 100cm may be considered  but please contact and speak to the exhibition organisers before submitting. 

Insurance, Responsibilities

Artists are advised to insure their own work, as no liability or responsibility can be  taken by Rookesbury Park or the organisers.  

Delivery and Collection of work 

All paintings must be delivered, unpacked, to Rookesbury Park on the dates  displayed on the SNA website. If you cannot make these times, please contact the  exhibition manager, to make alternative arrangements. Wrapping for paintings  cannot be left. 

Sculptures and 3D work must be left in their wrapping. 

Unsold work must be collected from Rookesbury Park on the date stated on the  SNA website. No work will be released early. 

The organisers will not accept responsibility for works uncollected at the  appropriate time. Overseas artists submitting work should email for assistance. 

Private View Evening

The Private View Evening will be held the evening before the exhibition opens to  the public (please see SNA website for full details). The preview will include the  Artist Studios. Tickets for the event will be sent nearer to the exhibition along with  an acknowledgement and receipt for your entry. Artists exhibiting do not need  tickets for the Private view but may request tickets for their key buyers. Additional  tickets are available on application. 


We need your help and without it, we cannot run the exhibition.  Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded artists, introduce  potential customers to your work and make the public feel welcome when viewing our exhibition. We have a number of volunteering opportunities including front of house, meet and greet, exhibition set up and take down, car park  supervision and general stewarding, amongst others. If you can find the time  and fancy having a laugh with a team of people working behind the scenes, please complete the help wanted form that will be made available prior to the  exhibition, with the times that you can assist. 


There are a number of leaflets and fliers available for distribution, please contact  the organisers for a handful. We encourage all artists to promote the exhibition  through their normal social media channels. SNA will promote the exhibition, and  individuals work, throughout the year, using as many channels as possible, but  any sharing of posts by participating artists will be mutually beneficial. The  organisers want your work to be seen as much as you do. 

Artist Studio Pitch/Art Market

If you have signed up to have an artist studio pitch then it is a requirement that you enter a minimum of 2 artworks into the exhibition. If you do not do this by the specified deadline, then we have the right to take away your space in the art market and open it up to other people.


Refund Policy


Requested refunds

Southern Nature Art – (“Southern Nature Art”, “SNA”, “we” or “us”) are committed to protecting and respecting artist. So we offer refunds in part or in full on some of the purchases that are made through us via written request. Each case is considered individually and refunds are not offered automatically. Please read the full terms and conditions below which will go into detail of when refunds will or will not be approved.  For refund requests please email


Painting registration refunds.

If you request a refund before the closing date of registration, you will get a full refund. After the registration date but a week before the exhibition you will get a 50% refund. If you cancel on the week of the exhibition you will get no refund. The reason for this is that we are now producing a catalogue and will have collated and created lists of artwork and registration paperwork and painting labels.  Also at that point we are unable to get another artist who might have wanted to exhibit with us into that space.

If your artwork turns up at hand-in but does not meet the requirements or breaches copyright laws and the committee rules that you have not adhered to the terms and conditions of entry then you will not get a refund. For full terms and conditions please see here.


If we decide not to exhibit your work due to curating the exhibition but your artwork adheres to the terms and conditions, we will offer a full refund and an explanation where possible. (we are all artists and dislike when we pay to exhibit and get rejected without a reason or explanation and also do not get a refund.)

Artist Studio Pitch (Art Market)

You can cancel up to the closing of exhibition entry and get a full refund. After the exhibition entry closing date and up to a week before the exhibition you will get a 50% refund. Cancellations a week before and up to the exhibition will not get a refund. 

If you have not entered any artwork into the exhibition we will in the first instance contact you (via email or phone) to remind you that you need to have a minimum of 2 artworks entered into the exhibition. if you do not enter 2 artworks into the exhibition we will refund you the studio pitch. If you pay for a studio pitch on the day of exhibition closing and have not entered 2 artworks into the exhibition, you will only be refunded 50% of the studio pitch entry fee. If you need to cancel please contact as soon as possible. 



You can cancel your membership and get a full refund within 14 days of purchase as long as you have not used the membership for any of its associated benefits.

After the 14 days or if you have received any of the associated benefits of the membership no refund will be given.


We can choose to cancel membership in the event of any breach of conduct or misuse. We will contact you to discuss if we feel this has happened in the first instance. In the event that the committee agrees a misuse or misconduct has occurred we will terminate membership with a written notification of our reasons and no refund will be given.

And Finally…… 

The organisers will do their best to display the artworks to their best advantage.  If you have any doubts about entry requirements, please contact the organisers  via


It only remains to wish you every success with your work and please, do not forget, to spread the word, about the exhibition.  If you have any press or media contacts please would you contact us via email

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