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About Us

The History of the Southern Nature Art Exhibition

The Southern Nature Art Exhibition has been running for 9 years as an annual exhibition, initially forming from the Marwell Art Society as a continuation of their exhibition. It was moved to Rookesbury Park School, where it found success and became a staple exhibition for local wildlife artists. It was taken over by the fantastic Caroline and Nick and hosted at Cams School until 2022, when they passed it down to a hand selected committee of award winning artists. The 2023 exhibition was our first year as a committee, making major changes such as moving back to Rookesbury, founding the SNA membership, and branching out our reach to further afield so that both local and non-local artists could all take part in the biggest independent wildlife exhibition in the UK.

The Committee

The past year as a committee has been great fun, very rewarding (with some challenges here and there!) and resulted in a fantastic 2023 show. We are very excited for the future of the SNA - both the annual exhibitions and us branching out into more of a community of artists with our members. 

Every person on the committee is a valued member of the team, each bringing something different to the table. This makes the SNA special, with very dedicated artists (understanding and living through being a current artist) making decisions to help benefit those who chose to exhibit with us. 

Meet The Team

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